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Merchant Cash Advance

Fast, simple flexible lump sum cash advance from as little as $3,000 to $500,000 based on
your credit card  and/or debit card sales receipts. Flexible repayment options.

Business Line of Credit

Whether it’s a full renovation, an expansion project,  or purchasing some new equipment. There’s no need to wait! With this type of financing, a few key strokes is all it takes to access 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-month period. You’ll enjoy the freedom of drawing funds as needed, paying interest only on the money you take.

Unique Features

  Loan amounts from
$5,000 to 1,000,000

 No collateral required on
amounts up to $750,000

Fixed repayment terms
from 12 to 36 months

5 separate loan drafts
over a 6-month period

No application,maintenance
or access fees

Interest only loans

Revolving line of Credit up to $1,000,000


A low documentation, streamlined process with limited paperwork  

Instant online approvals
and fundings in 3 days

Early pay off options are available

Less than perfect credit is not a barrier 

Interest is tax deductible

Early pay-off options available

Lending Process

  1. Complete Online Application 

         There are 4 pre-qualification questions, 5 easy steps, no           hard credit pulls and only takes about 10 minutes to                 complete.

2. Receive preliminary approval 

     After your application has been completed, you will                 receive a confirmation with a preliminary approval

3. Choose your option

      We will contact you to review your approval and                           discuss your options.

4. Sign loan docs electronically 

      Once underwriting has completed your file, you will be               sent final loan documents to sign via DocuSign.

5. Receive your funds 

      After your loan documents are signed, the funds will be            wire transferred directly into your business checking                 account.

*Must be open and operating for at least 30 days with monthly sales of $17,000+. Powered by ARF Financial.

Ideal for B2C and B2B 

  • Acute Care Facility

  • Auditory Center

  • Automotive Parts Store

  • Automotive Repair

  • Automotive Services

  • Bakery / Caterer

  • Bar/Tavern

  • Barber Shop, Hair Salon

  • Bed & Breakfast

  • Bicycle Shop

  • Book Store

  • Bowling Alley

  • Café in Fitness Center

  • Cancer Radiology Center

  • Cancer Treatment Facility

  • Accountant

  • Aerospace

  • Alternative Energy Production

  • Architect

  • ATV/Golf Cart Dealer

  • Bottling & Distribution

  • Brewery

  • Building Equipment

  • Building Materials

  • Business Services

  • Cable & Satellite TV Production

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Commercial Inspection Services

  • Commercial Landscaping & Design

  • Communications Company

and more 

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