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Who We Are

Stratigo Loans is a commercial mortgage and business loan broker

with long term client relationships throughout the United States.  

Our fiduciary duty to our clients is the foundation

of our corporate culture, to help you prosper,


because we believe in you.

Our clientele is comprised of residential and commercial real estate property investors and small business entrepreneurs.  We understand that our sole purpose is to ensure prosperity of investors and small business owners that are the backbone of our economy.  


We connect Wall Street money to main street real estate property investors and small business owners. Stratigo Loans also has relationships with local community banks and Credit Unions. We represent the little guys with financial needs of up to five million dollars.   

We look to build long term client relationships to create financial stability, eliminate stress & anxiety with future financial needs, save you time to let you focus on your investment, and plan the future of your property or small business financial needs because we believe in you.


Let us help you find the financing that's right for you. 

Email us for a free consultation


Or schedule a free live video consultation.

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