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Small Business Loans

As a small business owner, your most difficult task is finding the money to operate your business. Taking the necessary steps to prepare for a small business loan can minimize the difficulty.

Who is Eligible

for an SBA Loan? 

Most for-profit small businesses are eligible for an SBA guaranteed loan. This includes Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers and service businesses, as well as independent or franchise businesses.  
  • Retail and service businesses with sales (3-year average) not exceeding $6 million to $20 million, depending on the industry.
  • Wholesale businesses with up to 100 employees, regardless of sales volume.
  • Manufacturers with up to 500 employees, depending on the industry and regardless of sales volume

Loan Qualifications

Use of Proceeds

  • Commercial real estate (purchase, construction, or refinance)
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Business expansion
  • Machinery, equipment, furniture or fixtures
  • Business acquisition
  • Working Capital (offered in conjunction with some of the above)
  • Start-up (Franchise, Medical Practice, Franchise Hotel, E-commerce, Gas & C-Store)
The following are a sample of a few loan programs
available for Small Businesses. 

Financing from $250,000 up to $8 Million 
Up to 90% LTV financing for business purchase 
Up to 85% LTV Re-financing 
Up to 90% financing on 7A or 504 loans 
Up to 100% financing to buy out PARTNER 
Up to 80% financing to purchase a FRANCHISE 
Up to 100% for purchase of MEDICAL properties 
Up to 100% Financing for business EXPANSION 
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